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Hilary Gray | Project Manager


With over twenty-six years of experience in commercial and hospitality Interior Design, Hilary’s commitment and love for her chosen profession is apparent.


Having spent thirteen of those years associated with Ferry, Hayes & Allen Designers afforded Hilary the opportunity to have worked on some of the finest and notable private clubs throughout the country.

Hilary feels the most important element of Interior Design is the creative and collaborative process that brings together the needs and visions of the client. This process results in an engaged team of design professionals that together, from concept to completion, delivers a quality aesthetic and functional space.


Whether the project is a simple renovation, an addition, or a totally new facility, the core essence of the process is listening, applying logic and experience, and collaborating creatively.


As an Interiors Project Manager, Hilary has the opportunity to wear multiple hats. Her client relationships are as important as the relationships with the subcontractors. She never grows tired of the new challenges and partners that result from each project. 

Hilary is NCIDQ Certified.

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