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HARRIS INTERIORS is a full-service interior design firm. We take ownership of the entire interior envelope, beginning at the face of sheetrock. Each phase of our unique process is detailed below.

Concept Design.JPG

Phase One: Conceptual Design

The process begins with an initial meeting between HINT and the client to gain an understanding of the functional needs, goals, lifestyles, aesthetic preferences, and budget parameters. HINT also collects and shares concept imagery to establish an initial look and feel.

Schematic Design.JPG

Phase Two: Schematic Design

With the information gleaned in in the conceptual design meetings, HINT is able to author an Interior Design Narrative. This is a room-by-room accounting of the design, complete with finish allowances and detailed descriptions of the millwork design. With our Interior Design Narrative, the client's General Contractor can provide Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Pricing for the construction. 

During this phase of Design, HINT also provides a comprehensive and turnkey Furnishings, Fixtures and Accessories (FF&A) Budget Proposal. Even though the actual furniture, fabrics, light fixtures, and artwork have not been selected, our budget proposal includes allowances that are qualified by HINT's extensive experience, and align with the client's expectations.

Design Development.JPG

Phase Three: Design Development

Upon approval of Schematic Design, HINT begins Design Development. It is during this phase of the design that we begin developing Construction Drawings. We refine floor plans, develop interior elevations, and establish a language of millwork proportions and profiles. We also create room-by-room finish schedules and finish legends.

Design Presentation 2.JPG
Design Presentation 3.JPG
Design Presentation 3.JPG

Phase Four: Design Presentation


Possibly the most existing phase of our work is presenting the design to the client. It's during our presentation that our clients begin to realize the vision that we have created together. Our presentation is soup to nuts, which means it includes furniture plans, furniture pieces, fabrics, finishes, light fixtures, and key elevations. We present the best of the design, but we are always prepared with options.

Construction Documents.JPG

Phase Five: Construction Drawings

All of our design efforts are captured into one final set of drawings from which the General Contractor will build construct the building. These technical drawings include detailed drawings that are fully dimensioned and noted. Millwork Key Plans coordinate with elevations, which are then keyed to further drawings that detail the constructability of each design element. Applied finishes and plumbing fixture specifications are scheduled, with contacts for purchase by the General Contractor. Enlarged floor plans for bars, services areas, and restrooms are tied to schedules that list bar/kitchen equipment, plumbing and accessory specifications. A Reflected Ceiling Plan identifies locations for decorative lighting, such as chandeliers, pendants and wall sconces.

During the Construction Drawings phase, there are generally two stopping points that allow HINT to coordinate with the design team (ie. architect, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural consultants).


Phase Six: FF&A Procurement

HINT offers Procurement Services as a scope of work to be included with our Design Service to assure our Clients that all aspects of your Interior Design Project are coordinated, on time and within budget. We take great pride in delivering a completed interior that meets and exceeds the scope laid out during the Furnishings Design Development phase of
the project.

HINT contracts with a third-party, insured company to receive, warehouse, and install the Club's approved FF&E. (decorative lighting received and installed by General Contractor; lamping/light bulbs furnished and installed by the General Contractor). We coordinate with numerous vendors on our Client’s behalf. Our relationships with quality vendors afford our clients the deepest discounts in the industry and assure a commitment from the vendors for priority service before, during and after the installation.

Our designers resource and purchase one of a kind, “found items” specific to the Client’s project that may include antiques, original artwork, area rugs and unique accessories. We resource and purchase artwork specific to the Client’s project and design concept, including club history and memorabilia. Our designers work with a framer to custom mount, mat and frame art and memorabilia and plan for its use in the interior space.

With our turnkey FF&A Procurement service, our clients are able to open their renovated spaces soon after we leave and the Club performs a final clean.

Construction Administration 2.JPG
Construction Punch List.JPG

Phase Seven: Construction Administration

We remain connected to each project throughout construction, making constant connection via site visits, phone calls, emails, and online meeting technology.  Working directly with contractors, we are able to elaborate on details, materials, and methods of construction, and to ensure that our vision is being executed clearly and effectively.

It's during the Construction Administration Phase that we review millwork shop drawings and finish submittals to ensure that the design is executed accurately by the General Contractor and their subcontractors. We make construction site visits as required, as well as visits to our furniture workrooms. 

As construction comes to a close and while trades are still on-site, we conduct an on-site walk-through and prepare Construction Punch List. This deliverable identifies any infractions or inconsistencies with the design as documented in the Construction Documents. The General Contractor can reference our Punch List to remedy these items.

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