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                   Anne Elise Summers | Project Designer


Anne Elise first experienced interior design during a high school internship with a residential designer located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She then gained her first professional experience with the University of Alabama’s Furnishings & Design group with the campus’s major 10-year rebuild and knew she loved the industry. After graduating from the University of Alabama with a degree in Interior Design, Anne Elise wanted to learn as many facets of the Design industry as possible.

Right out of college, she developed her skills in residential and commercial flooring sales then moved into project management for a range of commercial interiors. Her previous position, lasting 6 years, was as a lead interior draftsman for projects specializing in luxury hotels. Her specialties include architectural AutoCAD, space planning, and project management with a passion for CAD based programs. Her organizational skills, motivation, and attention to detail combine to make her an innovative consultant for the HINT team.

Anne Elise values design as her personal skill to influence the way people use space by creating atmospheres that are accessible, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing. Her passion is to use innovative design solutions, while melding gained experiences, qualifications, and continued education to design for the future.

“One of my favorite things about my career is that my work is physically real. Being able to walk through your fully completed design is truly a unique gift of our profession! I can see the impact I’ve been able to make in the world around me.”

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